AvelCain to Release New Mini Album in April

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AvelCain to Release New Mini Album in April
Visual Kei band AvelCain announced to release a new mini album next month.

The mini album is titled "omajinai" (おまじない) and drops on April 29th in two different types. Even though there will be one Limited and one Regular Edition both of them will be limited to a particular amount of copies: The Limited Edition that costs 2700 Yen to 666 copies and the Regular Edition that costs 2160 Yen to 1500 copies. Here are the details on the track list:

01.jira no gyou wo jira toku (自ラノ業ヲ自ラ得) (SE)
02.kataomoi (片想い)
03.aiaigasa (相合傘)
04.gozenniji (午前二時)
05.oyasuminasai (おやすみなさい)

It hasn't been revealed yet what the bonus for these editions is but we know that both versions come with one each.

Furthermore, there is information on AvelCain's live schedule: First of all, bassist Zen has paused live activities as of March 2nd to recover from poor physical health. But ex-Lycaon's bassist Mio will take over his part for the time being. But there is more information regarding Lycaon! AvelCain and Lycaon will go on two man tour this summer to celebrate Shimizuya Records' 7th anniversary and AvelCain will hold its one man tour from May to August.

And for every fan who still can't get enough of the band: It has been revealed that the members will participate in a movie. No more details on that though, except for the fact that it will be broadcasted in summer.
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