Alice Nine Rises Once Again as A9 with New Song "Phoenix"

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Alice Nine Rises Once Again as A9 with New Song
Out of the ashes of Alice Nine, now comes A9.

After departing from PSC last year, the five-man band is making a comeback as independent artists with their latest track, "Phoenix".

"Phoenix" embodies return to origin - a theme which echoes Show's (previously stylized as Shou) sentiments when he announced Alice Nine's graduation from PSC via a series of tweets last August. The song also testifies to A9's new unique music style which marries Japanese and Western influences, not only in music but also in visuals.

In the MV which the band just debuted in their official Youtube channel and on the A9's OHP, Show is shown wearing a black fox mask decked with Swarovski crystals. This mask covers the vocalist face to represent the challenge of redefining visual rock.

As a means of taking this challenge head-on, A9 will be producing their upcoming EP "銀河ノヲト" (Sound from galaxy) via crowdfunding. With the A9 Fund Project, the band aims to raise JPY 5,000,000 to cover recording, MV shooting and artist photo-taking expenses for the EP that is expected to be released this August.

Funding their new EP this way, the band explains, is their way of "questioning today’s formalized pattern of recommending fans to buy several copies of (the) same (release) for (the purpose of) ranking on music charts".

Application period for the A9 Fund Project begins March 1st and ends March 31st. Details on how to support and the corresponding privileges can be viewed at the project's OHP.
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