Nana Eikura Attends Screening Event for New Film "Otoko No Isshou"

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Nana Eikura Attends Screening Event for New Film
Eikura Nana, together with her co-lead star Toyokawa Etsushi, led the first-day screening event of their new movie, "Otoko no Isshou" (A Man's Life). It was held in Shinjuku Picadilly.

The film, directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, is a love story about two people of distant age, having met in an odd situation. Eikura is 'Tsugumi Dozono', an office girl in her 30s, is working at a large electronics company in the city. She loves taking vacations at her grandmother's house and eventually decided to live there after her grandmother passed away. Consequently, a man named 'Jun Kaeida' (Etsushi), a university professor in his 50s suddenly lives in the annex house claiming that he was given a key by her grandmother and the former's student. The two get along as they live in one place and Tsugumi found herself falling for Jun.

At the event, co-star Mukai Osamu, director Hiroki, and singer JUJU were also present. JUJU provides the movie's theme song which is titled, "Hold Me, Hold You".

"Otoko ni Isshou" will be participating in the 4th Toronto Japanese Film Festival in Canada on June 11 as well as in the 9th JAPAN CUTS Festival one month after. In addition to that, it was also announced that the film will be shown in Taiwan but the release date has not been decided yet.
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