Gossip Announces Two New Singles and Reveals Details on First Mini Album

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Gossip Announces Two New Singles and Reveals Details on First Mini Album
Visual Kei band gossip announced the release of two new singles that are scheduled to hit the stores in June.

The first single is interesting for everyone who will be in Japan in the beginning of June. The CD is titled "hakei onitanji-sama e" (拝啓、鬼端児様へ) and you can get it at the band's live on June 7th. The live is limited to 99 people but the CD itself is limited to 666 copies. So, why producing 666 copies even though only 99 fans are allowed to attend the live? The reason is that you can buy the CD also via gossip's official web shop as of June 6th. "haikei onitanji-sama e" costs 666 Yen and includes only one track that is titled "namumyouhou rengekyou" (南無妙法蓮華狂).

For everyone who won't get the chance to attend this live or buy via the band's web shop there's another release you can look forward to: A single titled "R-18 ※ R-Shitei to yobimasu." (R-18※注.アールシテイと呼びます。). This one is limited as well but not to 666 but to 1000 copies and will drop on June 10th for 1728 Yen. We can already give you details on the track list:

02.kyouki no sakura (凶気の桜)
03.harenchirarism late show (破廉チラリズムレイトショウ)
04.juusansai no karte (十三歳のカルテ)

Furthermore, we have some details on gossip's new mini album "demodori kichiku psycho yarou (saihan)" (出戻り鬼畜サイコ野郎(再犯)) that is scheduled to be released on March 11th. The CD includes one SE and the following seven songs:

01.kyouiku shinri counsellor (凶育シンリカウンセラー)
02.akudoukai-kusottare koushinkyoku- (悪童会-クソッタレ行進曲-)
03.ude (腕)
04.toaru idol otaku no ijou na aijou (とあるアイドルオタクの異常な愛情)
05.zekkou-kireru 5byoumae- (絶交-キレる5秒前-)
06.7gatsu31nichi (七月三十一日)
07.izonshou (慰存症)

Are you a fan of this band? Or do you even know them? If not and you got interested now check out the introduction we've written some time ago!
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