ex-DELUHI Members Form New Band "Far East Dizain"

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ex-DELUHI Members Form New Band
Exciting news for fans of disbanded band DELUHI: Two members have decided to form a new band together.

It's not known when exactly the band has formed. The twitter account doesn't give a lot of information yet except for the fact that the band is named "Far East Dizain" and has been formed. They even haven't posted an official website yet. Still, we already know who the members are:

Vocal: Keita (ex-Code Rebirth)
Guitar: Leda (ex-Galneryus, DELUHI, UNDIVIDE)
Bass: Яyu (ex-TweiT)
Drums: Sujk (ex-DELUHI, UNDIVIDE)

As soon as we have more information and song previews we'll let you know!

DELUHI formed in 2008 and disbanded only three years later but gained a lot of fans during these years. After going separate ways Leda and Sujk came together again for the project UNDIVIDE but that project as well ceased activities two years ago. Now both members are back!

What do you think about the line-up of Far East Dizain?
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