Black Klaxon Changes Band Name and Gains New Guitarist

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Black Klaxon Changes Band Name and Gains New Guitarist
Visual Kei band Black Klaxon has some big changes going on these days: They have changed their band name and gained a new guitarist.

On December 20th, 2014 guitarist Yukky left Black Klaxon and that isn't the only reason why the band won't be the same anymore. They've changed their band name, style and line-up this month. The band's new name is "ASTARIA" and officially they start activities under that name on February 5th with a live in Osaka titled "再始動", "re-start". Still, the members have already changed all pages and accounts to "ASTARIA" and you can find their new website here. Also a preview is already online. On his Twitter guitarist K.O.H describes this change as "power up" regarding style and music in comparison to Black Klaxon.

Apart from their band name and new style they've also added a new guitarist to their line-up on January 15th. His name is "Yuduki" (ゆづき) and he played in Lost Valentine and Alioth before.

Are you excited for this change and the band's new music?
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