RADWIMPS' Alter-Ego Band "Misoshiru's" Reveals Collaboration with Marukome Miso Soup

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RADWIMPS' Alter-Ego Band
RADWIMPS' Alter-Ego Band "Misoshiru's" is going all out to declare their love for miso soup.

Naming themselves after the Japanese staple food just isn't enough - the band has just revealed to the public their collaboration with Marukome, a famous miso soup paste producer!

This "joint development project" between the two started in September 2014 and the product is finally made available to public from February 2015 onwards. What exactly is the product of their collaboration?


Miso soup, of course! But! It's not your ordinary miso soup.

It's the world's first ever miso soup made with the help of rock music. We're not kidding. The miso paste went through "audio fermentation" with rock music played in the background.

Check out the PV and the CMs below and see how exactly "audio fermentation" works! Now, who wouldn't want this in their tummy?

[ytid=Wewq0xxVhSw][yttitle]マルコメ×味噌汁's PV「世界初、ロックを聴かせた味噌汁」工場篇120秒[/yttitle][ytcontent]味噌にロックを聴かせると、どうなるか?世界初のロックを聴かせた味噌汁の開発動画です。The world's first miso soup made with the h...[/ytcontent]
[ytid=1HPIIE7frWk][yttitle]マルコメ×味噌汁's PV「世界初、ロックを聴かせた味噌汁」工場篇30秒[/yttitle][ytcontent]味噌にロックを聴かせると、どうなるか?世界初のロックを聴かせた味噌汁の開発動画です。The world's first miso soup made with the h...[/ytcontent]
[ytid=UxVBIJN2wSE][yttitle]マルコメ×味噌汁's PV「世界初、ロックを聴かせた味噌汁」味噌蔵篇120秒[/yttitle][ytcontent]味噌にロックを聴かせると、どうなるか?世界初のロックを聴かせた味噌汁の開発動画です。The world's first miso soup made with the h...[/ytcontent]
[ytid=m64ampms7U4][yttitle]マルコメ×味噌汁's PV「世界初、ロックを聴かせた味噌汁」味噌蔵篇30秒[/yttitle][ytcontent]味噌にロックを聴かせると、どうなるか?世界初のロックを聴かせた味噌汁の開発動画です。The world's first miso soup made with the h...[/ytcontent]
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