Anna Tsuchiya's 2 Million Yen Court Settlement Rejected By Tomoaki Kai

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Anna Tsuchiya's 2 Million Yen Court Settlement Rejected By Tomoaki Kai
Anna Tsuchiya's 2 million Yen settlement offer to playwright Tomoaki Kai was rejected by the plaintiff.

On December 15, oral arguments were presented at the Tokyo Ditrict Court in Kai's case against Tsuchiya. While Tsuchiya does not agree to the claims made against her by Kai, the singer was willing to pay him 2 million Yen for the trouble she caused.

Kai reportedly "wanted to accept" Tsuchiya's settlement offer, but was forced to reject it, calling the offer "unacceptable". "It's a matter of honor, not a matter of money," Kai stated.

Kai sued Tsuchiya for 30 million Yen after the singer backed out of his play "Kiseki no Singer". The play is based on the life of Asami Hamada, a Japanese singer know for calling herself the "worst singer in Japan". Tsuchiya was supposed to play the lead character, but backed out when she found it he did not get Hamada's official approval to do the play.

Kai has claimed that Tsuchiya showed no motivation to do the play and never even bothered to learn her lines.

Tsuchiya and Kai will be returning to courts on January 26. Actors from the play are expected to appear as witnesses in the case.
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