Dempagumi.inc Announces 3rd Album "WWDD", Cassette Version To Be Released

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Dempagumi.inc Announces 3rd Album
Dempagumi.inc will be releasing its 3rd studio album "WWDD" on February 18, 2015.

Currently, the only thing known about the album's track list is that in will include Dempagumi.inc's last four singles: "Sakura Apparition", "Dear☆Stage e Yokoso", "Chururi Chururi ra" and "Dempari Night". The rest of the album's songs will be new.

Dempagumi.inc's album will come in 4 different version available to public. These include a CD-Only version, a CD+DVD version, a 12-inch vinyl record version, and a cassette version.

In addition to the 4 versions available to the public, "WWDD" will have a special box set edition available exclusive for the group's fan club members. The box set will come with a CD of the album, a CD of the group members' solo recordings, a blu-ray disc filled with music videos and behind-the-scenes footage, a special booklet, and more goodies yet to be announced.

Ahead of the album's release, Dempagumi.inc will be holding a 2-night live concert event at Tokyo's Yoyogi National Stadium on February 10 and 11. This marks the group's first time performing at this venue.
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