[Exclusive] JPopAsia's Interview with DEATHGAZE

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[Exclusive] JPopAsia's Interview with DEATHGAZE
Two months ago we reported on Visual Kei band DEATHGAZE that decided to go on indefinite hiatus at the end of the year. The band made music together for about 11 years and during this time they had several member changes. The band's latest album "ENIGMA" dropped in August and it turned out that it will be its last one - for now. But before stopping all activities in December DEATHGAZE will go on one last tour abroad. JPopAsia got the chance to interview the members before they will embark their tour "DEATH WORLD" and ask them about their band history and future plans:

JPA: This is your last tour overseas before going on indefinite hiatus. Looking back at those 11 years of band activity, what has left the biggest impact on you?
Naoki: I think a huge impact was that members have changed and left.
Kousuke: In the end, I think a big impact was when Ai-san became our vocal.

JPA: Please tell us a funny episode of your band history. Any story from any time is fine!
Naoki: When we all put onion-sauce and garlic on our meat and we couldn't stop eating!

JPA: Is there anything you definitely want to do while being in Europe and South America? Maybe something you couldn’t do last time?

Naoki: If we have the time I want to eat local food and drink local alcohol. And I want to buy souvenirs for my family (laughs)
Kousuke: I want to do sightseeing. Last time we didn't really have time for it.
Takaki: Last time we couldn't go to the Eiffel Tower in France, so I want to go!
Ai: I want to see the Eiffel Tower.

JPA: Now that you’re going on hiatus, will this tour be different to the European tour you went on last year?
Naoki: Maybe... the feeling of gratitude towards our fans is even bigger than last time.
Takaki: And I want to put all my power in it and enjoy it!

JPA: Your last album "ENIGMA" dropped in August. What is your favorite song from that album and why?
Ai: "SEVENTH HEAVEN". It's fun.
Takaki: "SEVENTH HEAVEN". Because it's fun.
Kousuke: In the end, my own song, maybe?
Naoki: "DEAD BLAZE". I like both extremes, the heavy parts and the melody. And the MV is cool!

JPA: If you could decide for one song you’ve released during those 11 years that expresses “DEATHGAZE” the best, which song is it?
Takaki: yami ni ame fuhaishita sekai.
Kousuke: yami ni ame fuhaishita sekai.
Naoki: genocide and mass murder

JPA: Do you already know what you want to do as of next year? Are you staying in the music scene and if so, what kind of music do you want to make?
Ai: Secret!
Takaki: I will live abroad!
Kousuke: I haven't decided yet but I won't just sit here and take a rest.
Naoki: I haven't decided yet. Right now there are only the upcoming lives in my head!

JPA: Please send one last message to your fans overseas and the readers of JPA!
Kousuke: Thank you for supporting us all the time! I'm happy!

Takaki: Thank you for your support! Please look forward to our lives and wait for us!
Naoki: I definitely want to give good lives. Please wait for us! And let's have fun together!
Ai: Let's have fun together!

Don't miss the chance to see DEATHGAZE live one last time before the band goes on hiatus! Check out the upcoming tour schedule for its South America and European tour!

We want to thank the band, management and European tour organizer for making this interview possible and wish the members of DEATHGAZE all the best for the tour and their future!
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