Maki Horikita to Play as a Nurse in Upcoming TBS Drama

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Maki Horikita to Play as a Nurse in Upcoming TBS Drama
Maki Horikita will be starring in TBS' winter 2015 drama "Masshiro" as a newbie nurse named "Juri Arimura". Her co-stars are Mirai Shida, Rin Takanashi, Miki Mizuno, and Tae Kimura, and all of them are nurses at a celebrity hospital where, as its name suggests, is a hospital for the rich and famous.

In the nurse department, the level or grade of nurses is represented by pearls that are put on their caps, however, Juri, along with the sharp-tongued 'Nana Matsuoka' (Shida), and the aggressive 'Kinuko Wada' (Takanashi) don't have pearls on their caps yet, making Juri face such competition with her colleagues.

Moreover, Kimura will be the head nurse 'Kokoro Tanojima', who always reminds the nurses that everything that happens inside the hospital should stay in the hospital, anyone who will do so will be asked to resign. Mizuno will portray the character of the surgical nurse, 'Megumi Iwabuchi', who is always at odds with Tanojima.

The male characters, on the other hand, will be played by Yuya Yagira who is the elite doctor, 'Kotaro Nakano'. He will then develop a close relationship with Juri as the story unfolds. While the vice director of the hospital who seems to be romantically linked to the nurses will be taken on by Ken Ishiguro.

Catch TBS' latest medical drama as it starts airing on January 2015, every Tuesday at 10 p.m.
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