Koki Tanaka's Band INKT Performs Live For 1st Time Ahead of Album Release

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Koki Tanaka's Band INKT Performs Live For 1st Time Ahead of Album Release
1,500 fans watched on as ex-KAT-TUN member Koki Tanaka performed live with his new band INKT for the first time.

INKT performed 3 songs of the band's self-titled debut album during its live showcase. The 3 songs performed were "Trigger", the album's lead single, "Zutto" and "Nobody knows".

As the band entered the stage for its debut perform, the crowded cheered loudly, setting the energy level high from the start. After a head-bang opening performance, Tanaka laughed with satisfaction, telling the audience, "I'm not tired anymore after that song."

Interspersed among its performances, the band took its chance to interact with its fans for the first time. Band members all had messages for the audience, including a promise to continue making fun music for them to enjoy in the future.

"I want you guys to all come out to our live shows. I want to be able to do this again soon!," band member Kei said.

INKT releases its debut album on November 8. Check out a preview of the band's lead single "Trigger" below:

[ytid=mjp0JICMQMY][yttitle]【MV】 INKT 「Trigger」(short ver.) 【OFFICIAL】[/yttitle][ytcontent]INKT「Trigger」のMusic Videoのショートバージョン。【INKT】(インク)Vo: KOKI Gt: KeiKey: kissyBa: mACKAzDs: SASSY1st ALBUM 「INKT」(読み:イン...[/ytcontent]
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