Ai Kago's Husband Turns Himself In To Police

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Ai Kago's Husband Turns Himself In To Police
A week after the Tokyo police department issued a warrant for his arrest, Ai Kago's husband Haruhiko Kago has turned himself in.

Haruhiko arrived at the Arakawa police station at 1:00 pm local time on October 28. He was later driven to the Harajuku police station in the back of a station wagon. The view into the backseat was obscured by curtains.

Tokyo police have accused Haruhiko of lending 2.5 million yen to someone in 2013. He collected 750,000 yen in interest from the loan, an amount that is 3 times the legal limit on a loan of that size. Although he admits to giving out the loan, Haruhiko has plead innocent to charges of charging an illegal interest rate, stating that he was not aware of the details of the arrangement.

Ozawa Tatsuo, a 43-year-old member of the same crime syndicate as Haruhiko, has also been arrested in relation to the same incident. Tatsuo has also claimed he is not guilty of the charges levied upon him by police.

In light of her husband's legal troubles, Ai Kago has stated that she is considering retiring from the entertainment industry. The incident has caused her group Girls Beat!! to suspend all activities until further notice. She has apologized for the trouble she has caused.

Haruhiko Kago is a known member of the Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza crime syndicate. He has been arrested in the past due to his affiliation with the group. Despite his criminal connections, Ai Kago married him in 2011. The two have a child together.
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