Ai Kago Considering Retirement Due To Husband's Alleged Illegal Activities

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Ai Kago Considering Retirement Due To Husband's Alleged Illegal Activities
After Girls Beat!! suspended group activities yesterday, group founder Ai Kago is considering going into retirement as Tokyo police search for her husband in connection to criminal activities.

On the idol's official blog, Kago wrote about the legal troubles her husband is facing, its effects on Girls Beat!! and her own future, and apologized to fans for everything her actions have caused.

In addition to suspending Girls Beat!!'s search for a new member and the fan vote on the group's lyrics for their upcoming single, the group's scheduled events on November 2 and November 8 have both been officially cancelled. "I apologize from the bottom of my heart," Kago wrote, expressing her feelings of guilt for inhibiting the group.

Regarding her husband, Kago said she learned about his arrest warrant last week from the news. She does not know any of the details, but said that the truth would come out in time. She has referred to the incident as a hurdle that she would move forward from and defeat.

"I believe God gave me the opportunity to reconsider my future...Retiring from the entertainment industry is one of the options I am considering," she wrote in regards to her future with Girls Beat!!.

Ai Kago's career has been plagued with scandals for nearly a decade. Although she's always made attempts to bounce back and return to the entertainment industry, the latest scandal may be her last one in the public eye.

Kago's husband is a known member of the Yamaguchi-gumi Yakuza crime syndicate. An arrest warrant was issued by the Tokyo police department alleging that he was involved in illegal loansharking activities. Current reports indicate that the warrant is still out, meaning police have not been able to place him under arrest yet.
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