SAVAGE to Release First Mini Album Since Comeback

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SAVAGE to Release First Mini Album Since Comeback
Visual Kei band SAVAGE has announced to release a new mini album in November.

Since the band's comeback in August 2013 three singles hit the stores. This mini album will be SAVAGE's first one after changing its name from DEPAIN to SAVAGE. The title of it is "jikasei yuudoku dinner" (自家製有毒ディナー) and it will drop on November 26th. For the price of 5000 Yen you'll receive a CD with 6 songs and 2 instrumental tracks:

02.Hysteria ~majo ni sogareta uzu no naka de no hakuchuumu~ (Hysteria~魔女に殺がれた渦の中での白昼夢~)
03.kikaishiki M-gata senzoku shoujo (機械式M型専属少女)
04.miren to oyuugi (未練とお遊戯)
07.sunadokei (砂時計)
08.marigold (マリーゴールド)

Following this release SAVAGE will go on Osaka-Nagoya-Tokyo-tour holding one live at OSAKA RUIDO on December 8th, one at Nagoya ell.SIZE on December 9th and one at Shinjuku RUIDO K4 on December 12th.
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