Daichi Miura Announces New Single "Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~ / IT’S THE RIGHT TIME"

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Daichi Miura Announces New Single
Daichi Miura will be releasing his 16th single, titled "Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~ / IT’S THE RIGHT TIME", on December 3.

The upcoming single will be released in 3 different version. One version includes only the CD. The other two come with DVDs containing music videos for one of the A-side tracks.

"Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~" is currently being used in a Nivea commercial. The song's message is "protecting an important person", according to Miura's official website.

"IT'S THE RIGHT TIME" is being used as the ending theme song for the anime series "Kiseijuu: Sei No Kakuritsu".

For people who purchase all 3 versions of the single simultaneous on Miura's official shop, a special bonus becomes available. People who do this will be entered in a special lottery drawing. 5 people will win backstage passes to his upcoming concert on November 30, while 50 people will win an autographed gift towel.

Check out the single's covers below:

CD Only


1. Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~
3. Bring It Down

CD+DVD (Music Video Version)


1. Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~ (Music Video)
2. Furueau Dake de ~Always with you~ (Music Video Making)

CD+ DVD (Choreography Version)


1. IT’S THE RIGHT TIME (Choreography Video)
2. Choreography Video Making
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