Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Issues Tearful Apology To Fans

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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Issues Tearful Apology To Fans
Girls' Generation member Taeyeon broke down in tears during a fan meeting as she apologized for the group's scandal.

Taetiseo held a fan meeting on October 1 at the Lotte Department Store. Although they tried to hold their composure in the face of the group's scandal, tears began to flow as they faced a public that is still shocked, upset and confused by the whole ordeal.

"The only thoughts I've had since the beginning was to protect Girls' Generation. I'm so sorry. Please trust in Girls' Generation once again. We will try to have only positive things happen with Girls' Generation in the future," Taeyeon said before breaking down into tears.

Taetiseo's fan meeting comes a day after another fan meeting in China. News that Jessica had been kicked out of the group was still breaking. Instead of the typical shouts of support the group usually receives, many in the audience held signs in support of Jessica, condemning the group for kicking her out. Shouts of support for Jessica were mixed in with shouts of support for the group.

Jessica has released a statement regarding her forced expulsion from the group. According to her, the group and SM Entertainment, although supportive of her personal activities at first, suddenly turned their back on her. Despite efforts to rectify the situation, she was forced out of the group against her will.
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