Former Girls' Generation Member Jessica To Marry Terry Kwon Next May

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Former Girls' Generation Member Jessica To Marry Terry Kwon Next May
Former Girls' Generation member Jessica will be getting married to Terry Kwon in May of 2015.

Jessic and Terry Kwon have been rumored to be dating for months. Their relationship became a hot topic in the past 24 hours due to its possible impact on the idol's standing with Girls' Generation.

According to representatives that spoke with Sports DongA, preparations for the wedding have already been made. The wedding will take place in Hong Kong where the two will be living.

Jessica will be focusing on her fashion line "Blanc" now that she's no longer a part of Girls' Generation. She is reportedly going to be studying fashion design in New York City and mainly travelling between there and Hong Kong.

SM Entertainment's statement regarding Jessica's departure from the group stated, "This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us she will halt her group promotions with the release of one more album." While the company didn't specify the details of her personal life, it seems that this was referencing her desire to get married in the spring.

While Jessica may no longer be a part of Girls' Generation, she will still be a part of SM Entertainment. The idol, along with the other 8 members of Girls' Generation, all renewed their contracts with the company for 3 more years.

With Jessica gone, Girls' Generation will continue on as an 8 member group. The group has already held their first activity without Jessica by participating in a handshake event in China earlier today.
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