Jessica Dropped From Girls' Generation Due To Desire To Get Married?

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Jessica Dropped From Girls' Generation Due To Desire To Get Married?
Jessica's desire to get married may be the reason why the singer has been dropped from Girls' Generation.

According to a source for Allkpop, Jessica has been butting heads with management over her desire to get married.

"We heard that Jessica was dropped from the group, due to conflicting issues with management related to marriage," the insider said.

SM Entertainment has not released a statement addressing the issue. Instead, the company has made vague comments about looking into the matter.

"We cannot disclose what is going on yet, but we are reaching out to the proper people to find out the truth of the matter," SM Entertainment has stated.

It has been several hours since Jessica's Weibo account was updated with the message that she was no longer a part of Girls' Generation. Since then, the group has been seen at an airport traveling to an event, with all members present except Jessica.

Netizens speculated that Jessica's Weibo account may have been hacked; however, SM Entertainment's continued silence on the matter has many thinking this was in fact a genuine post.
Source: jpopasia.com
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