Dir En Grey Reveal Details Of New Album "ARCHE"

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Dir En Grey Reveal Details Of New Album
As we previously announced you[/url], Dir En Grey is going to release their 9th full length album on December 10th. The band has officially revealed the tracklist.

"ARCHE" will be sold in 3 different editions: Complete Production Edition, Limited Edition and Regular Edition.
The Complete Production Edition will come with 3 discs:

  • the main disc,
  • a special CD (with 2 new songs "and Zero" and "Tefu Tefu" in their normal and acoustic versions, a remix versions of "SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH" and "Unraveling")
  • an extra disc (studio live footage of "Un deux" and "Chain repulsion", live footage from their summer tour "TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of "GAUZE"?-".

Don't forget that Dir En Grey is also going to perform live in their mid-November tour "TOUR14-15 BY THE GRACE OF GOD". Check the dates HERE.

ARCHE Tracklist

1. Un deux
2. Soshaku
3. Uroko
4. Phenomenon
5. Cause of fickleness
6. Tosei
7. Rinkaku
8. Chain repulsion
9. Midwife
10. Magayasou
11. Yasuharu
12. Behind a vacant image
13. Sustain the untruth
14. Kuukoku no Kyouon
15. The inferno
16. Revelation of mankind
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