S/mileage To Add New Members & Change Group's Name

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S/mileage To Add New Members & Change Group's Name
S/milage is undergoing a line-up and name change which will go into effect October 4th, the group announced on YouTube.

Original group members Ayaka Wada and Kanon Fukuda came up with the idea to add new members to the group and change their name to prepare for their eventual graduation. The two presented their idea to their staff who agreed with their concerns.

The new members of S/mileage will come from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, Hello! Project's trainee program. Details such as how many new members will be added to the group have not been disclosed.

The group's new name has not been chosen yet. The group is currently accepting ideas for the name change.

S/mileage's hope for the addition of new members is to not only prepare for the group's future, but to become more like Morning Musume. That group has been able to evolve and remain relevant throughout the years, achieving a longevity that S/mileage aspires to.

"We think that adding new members will be a good stimulus for everyone. Up until now, it has S/mileage's first chapter. With the group's name and members, we will start the group's second chapter," the group said.
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