Track List of amazarashi's New Album has been Revealed

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Track List of amazarashi's New Album has been Revealed
You might remember that Japanese band amazarashi announced the release of a new full album - three years after the release of its latest one. Today we can give you some details on the track list and different types.

"yuuhi shinkou higashism" (夕日信仰ヒガシズム) will be released on October 29th in two different versions: one limited edition for 3600 Yen and one regular edition for 3000 Yen. Both CDs will include the same tracks but the limited edition will come with a booklet and DVD featuring three songs played at the band's special live on September 9th, 2014.

01.higashism (ヒガシズム)
02.starlight (スターライト)
03.mou ichido (もう一度)
04.yoru no ichibushijutsu (夜の一部始終)
05.ana wo hotteiru (穴を掘っている)
06.ameotoko (雨男)
07.kouki shoudou (後期衝動)
08.yokuto (ヨクト)
09.machi no tomoshibi wo musubu (街の灯を結ぶ)
10.seikatsukan (生活感)
11.hiro (ひろ)
12.sore ha mata betsu no ohanashi (それはまた別のお話)
[DVD] (Limited Edition only)
01.karappo no sora ni tsubusareru (空っぽの空に潰される)
02.tsujitsuma awase ni umareta bokura (つじつま合わせに生まれた僕等)
03.utsukushiki omoide (美しき思い出)
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