RiSe's Funeral To Take Place In Korea & Japan

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RiSe's Funeral To Take Place In Korea & Japan
Ladies' Code's RiSe will be having a funeral in Korea on September 9, but her final resting place will be Japan.

RiSe's funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon. Afterward, she will be cremated at the Seoul Memorial Park, the same place her fellow group mate EunB was cremated last week.

RiSe's remains will be flown to Japan where her family & friends will attend another funeral before putting her to rest.

Ladies' Code members Sojung, Ashley & Zuny will all be attending RiSe's funerals. After the funerals, their medical conditions will be examined to determine if they are suitable to be discharged from the hospital.

"We hope you will remember the bright and pretty faces of both members RiSe and EunB for a long time. We also ask that you continue giving a lot of support and prayers for the people who are sadder than anybody else: their family and the members Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny," Polaris Entertainment stated.

RiSe is a native of Japan. She was born in Fukushima and lived in Japan for most of her life.
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