Ensoku's Minoru "Returns Home"

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Ensoku's Minoru
The word "ensoku" itself means "excursion" and the members speak of the band as "last excursion". Now they've revealed that drummer Minoru has decided to "return home" - which means that he has left the band on September 5th.

Minoru is suffering from pain in his arm for more than two years and this July he decided to finally take a break from band activities in order to recover. It turns out that due to the long period he's already suffering from this tendon rupture the stress for his body and mind became too much. After over thinking it several times he has decided to not return as member of ensoku. According to the comments of the members he was playing the drums for a long time even though he always felt pain during the rehearsals and lives and he came to dislike playing the drums like this, due to all these problems.

Thinking about the band's future Minoru said: "I don't want ensoku to become useless because of me. I want them to become a good band that goes even further and grows even more. I think it would be nice if a good drummer joins them."
The other members as well have decided to not let ensoku disband. They will continue - as four-member band for now.
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