GOT7 Proved Its Popularity in Thailand

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GOT7 Proved Its Popularity in Thailand
K-pop idol group GOT7 has proved its popularity not only in Japan, but Thailand.

Arrived to Bangkok airport (Aug. 22nd,) seven-member hip-hop act was met by more than 1000 fans. The line “#Welcome GOT7 to Thailand” got in the Twitter’s worldwide trends.

Next day, the group has performed a front of 7000 of the audience at “Tofu Music Festival 2014” and revealed a medley of songs from two mini-albums “Got It?” and “Got Love.” The audience was completely enthralled after the members, being taught Thai by their fellow BamBam, left several messages in Thai.

The group sold more than 5000 sets of CDs including 900 GOT7 Thailand Special Sets, which consist of two mini-albums with the special issued new jackets and seven cards with members’ signs.

To greet seven members of GOT7, 4000 fans came to Siam Paragon Infinicity Hall to the press conference and fan meeting event.

Next time, GOT7 intends to perform in Hong Kong at Asia World Arena as a part of JYP Entertainment’s family tour “2014 JYP NATION-ONE MIC.”
Source: jpopasia.com
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