AFAID 2014 Wraps Up Star-Studded Festival

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AFAID 2014 Wraps Up Star-Studded Festival
The biggest anime convention in Southeast Asia, Anime Festival Asia (AFA) was once again held in Indonesia from August 15-17, 2014. Taking place at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), this year’s AFAID was packed, especially with the appearance of international cosplayers including Aza Miyuko, Ying Tze, Hana & Baozi, Kisaki Urumi, Angie, Mon, King and Yuegene. A list of anime such as Sword Art Online and Detective Conan also dominated the three-day event.

As for the main agenda, AFAID 2014 satisfied fans with its star-studded I Love Anisong concert held during the second and last day of the event, with Hachioji P, EGOIST and Aoi Eir performing on the 16th while Luna Haruna, GARNiDELiA and T.M. Revolution performing on the 17th.

JpopAsia managed to greet some of the stars of the show including Hachioji P, Luna Haruna, GARNiDELiA and T.M. Revolution, in which they shared their thought and experience of their stay in Jakarta. Regarding their feeling when first coming to Jakarta, everyone similarly said that they were excited and surprised seeing how a lot of people in Indonesia actually love anime and anisong.

For some like T.M. Revolution, DJ Kazu and Aoi Eir, this year’s AFAID was not their first performance in Indonesia, but they still prepared and gave the best for their stage. All hoped they could fulfill fans’ thirst with their performance.

The artists also shared their personal thoughts, starting with T.M. Revolution who told us that a revolution doesn’t always start from a big thing, but from smaller things such as helping each other, smiling and any other simple act. Luna Haruna, who is an otaku, told us that she had a life size poster of anime character in her room so she could get a sweet dream every night.

Hachioji P, the producer of many Hatsune Miku songs, shared that he likes Megurine Luka’s personality the most among all Vocaloids. Last but not least, GARNiDELiA which consists of Maria and Toku revealed they sometimes play Monster Hunters and Mario Kart on their leisure time, also hoped that they could have a chance to collaborate with Final Fantasy series.
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