[Exclusive] flumpool Charms Singaporean Fans at Press Conference

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[Exclusive] flumpool Charms Singaporean Fans at Press Conference
flumpool had a tight schedule to stick to but the boys seemed to be enjoying every second of it.

Just a short break after their two-day live in Taiwan, the boys continued to celebrate their 5th anniversary by heading over to Singapore as their last stop for the overseas leg of their "MOMENT" tour.

Vowed to spend unforgettable moments together with their fans, flumpool arrived at Singapore in the morning of their first ever open press conference at JCube, Jurong East. The open press conference gave fans a chance to see their favorite band up close and personal as they answer questions posed from the media.


"Hello everyone, we're flumpool!" greeted Ryuta as they kick start the press conference by introducing themselves. The four-member band were greeted with cheers from the crowd as each of them took turns to introduce themselves in English.

"We're looking forward for our first ever solo concert here in Singapore although we've been here for four times already!"
When asked about their thoughts on their return to Singapore, Ryuta was exceptionally vocal about his admiration towards the crowd here. Kazuki also added to say that they're happy to be back here again in Singapore for the fans.

"I took a photo with the Merlion - as if I'm drinking the water!"
The jolly guitarist, Kazuki hyped the crowd up as he mentioned about his tourist antics in Singapore. The hall was filled with laughter as he mimicked the actions he did when he was taking a photo with the Merlion. The band also declared their love for Bak Kut Teh; a traditional Chinese herbed broth served with pork ribs and Chilli Crabs - or more specifically, the fried bread "mantou" that comes with the dish.

"My most memorable moment was receiving my first paycheck."
As the rest of the members state their first live in Nippon Budokan as their most memorable moment in flumpool, Genki cheekily affirmed that his special moment was definitely when he first received his paycheck. The bassist goes on to say that it was because every time he checks his account, it'd always be empty!

"Akashi was used as the title song for the national choir competition. We sang together with them as how we did with our fans during lives, so it was very memorable for me."
The boys were asked to share which song was the most memorable for them and Seiji was the first to answer with no hesitation. The audience applauded as the drummer announced Akashi as his most memorable song choice.

Meanwhile, the eloquent vocalist Ryuta chose Hana ni Nare, as it was the song that flumpool debuted with. Although Genki was quick to pass on the question to Kazuki by saying he agreed with Ryuta, he was then pressured by everyone to come up with an answer of his own. After answering Taisetsu na Mono wa Kimi Igai ni Miataranakute as his most memorable song, Genki was immediately sneered at by Kazuki saying "Because I wasn't there in the PV, right?"

"I choose the song Frame, because I had the image of performing this song at the Nippon Budokan."
To perform in the Nippon Budokan meant everything to the boys - Kazuki chose the song Frame as it was a song he deemed fit to be played in the stadium. It was a dream come true for him when flumpool was able to perform this song to the fans in the esteemed venue.

"We've been working with Mayday a lot and we really respect them."
When asked about what's the band's aim and direction in the years to come, Ryuta commented that they want their music to be heard and loved by people around the world - just like Mayday. flumpool and Mayday first collaborated together for the opening theme of the film "Oshin" and was released in October last year.

Throughout the press conference, flumpool continued to charm the audience with their playful remarks and cheerful grins on stage. At one point, Ryuta started conversing in Chinese and fans were left in awe at how fluent he has become since flumpool last visited Singapore.

The event ended after the handing out of autographed posters to Premium VIP ticket holders and a surprise acoustic performance of their hit song Hana ni Nare. The boys took their spot on stage and said their thanks to the fans and media before leaving the stage.

"Thank you for coming today, we'll see you tomorrow! We love Singapore!"

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