IU Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

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IU Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder
On the latest episode of SBS' "Healing Camp", IU discussed her struggles with eating disorders.

Before becoming the beloved singer she is today, IU struggle with her weight during her pre-debut days and at the beginning of her career. New details about her struggle were revealed on "Healing Camp" when she talked about having an eating disorder.

"It was an uneasy time. My heart felt empty, and I tried to fill the void with food. However, instead of feeling better, I became anxious and felt like I was lacking," she said.

The situation was revealed to be even more serious when she talked about throwing up her food.

"I would eat until I threw up. I had to received treatment for it," she confessed.

IU also opened up her insecurity regarding feeling overrated and undeserving of the praise her music receives.

"When I was receiving praise for my 3 high note streak in 'Good Day", I always felt worried that people would tell me to get lost instead of feeling good about my performance," she said.

The full episode of "Healing Camp" airs on July 14.
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