GOT7 Received Sex Education From JYP Entertainment

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GOT7 Received Sex Education From JYP Entertainment
Ever since becoming trainees with JYP Entertainment, the members of GOT7 have been receiving sex education from the company at least once a month.

The members of GOT7 were guests on SBS Power FM's "K.Will's Young Street". During the broadcast, the group was asked about the sex and morals education they received as trainees.

"Ever since our trainee days, we received sex education from our teacher Goo Sung Ae once a month. He once said, 'I don't know about anything else, but JYP Entertainment is really clean when it comes to sex education',"group leader JB said.

In addition to sex education, the trainees were also educated in mental care to help them prepare for the rigors of idol life.

JB, Jr. and BamBam also revealed that they play basketball together not only for exercise and fun, but also grow taller.

"We played basketball and were provided with herbal medicine. We also did a lot of stretching. That helped our growth a lot," BamBam said.
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