[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview With Tokyo Girls' Style

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview With Tokyo Girls' Style
Idol groups are a pervasive aspect of the Japanese music industry.With so many idol groups out there, it can be difficult to garner attention in a market dominated by major acts like AKB48 and Morning Musume. Despite these difficulties, Tokyo Girls' Style has managed not only to find success, but see its popularity continuously increase year after year.

Tokyo Girls' Style debuted in 2010 as one of the youngest idol groups on the market. Throughout the years, the group has steadily increased its sales and now consistently places high on the Oricon chart. As the group grew up and matured in the public eye, interest in the group seemed to grow along with them.

The group's increased popularity has afforded it the ability to take their act across Asia. The group has performed in various cities across Asia and has even released a Chinese album. For the first time in its career, the group will be performing in the West.

Tokyo Girls' Style will be performing in San Francisco on July 19 and 20 as part of the annual J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL held in the city. Ahead of their scheduled appearance, Tokyo Girls' Style spoke with JpopAsia about their rising career, venturing outside of Asia for the first time, and their personal life in an exclusive interview.


JPA: Tokyo Girls’ Style has always been actively reaching out to markets outside of Japan, especially China where you’ve released numerous singles. How does it feel to perform in the United States for the 1st time?

TGS: Performing in Asian countries was one of our goals, so we are super happy that we have made it so far from home to America! We would like to make the best of this opportunity to get more people know about Tokyo Girls’ Style.
JPA: Do you guys ever plan on entering the US market, or at least releasing English versions of some of your songs?

TGS: We are super excited about performing in the U.S. for the first time! Hopefully it will be our breakthrough that leads to the next stage in America, including the release of English album. We are really happy to have you interviewing us too. Thank you so much!
JPA: You guys have recently released your 4th studio album, “Killing Me Softly”. Can you describe it for us?

TGS: The same title, "Killing Me Softly", is the main song of the album, and it was actually made before our debut. Because of its difficulty, we have saved it for the right moment to perform. Since our debut, we have had many songs with lyrics that were more of a mature side compared with our age, although, for this album, our maturity has finally caught up with the ideal “Tokyo Girls’ Style” we were working towards. This album does its work to deliver our heart through the songs that are able to reflect us in the realty. Also, the songs are with variety of arrangements, so you can enjoy them depending on your mood.
JPA: Now that your 4th studio album has been released, what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

TGS: We are doing 5 months concert in Akasaka BLITZ starting in July. We will perform two stages a day with different programs for day and night. There has been great opportunity to perform in Taiwan, Hong-Kong, and San Francisco this year, and we are also planning to perform in different countries in the future. We are excited to seeing the fans from all over the world, so please look forward.


JPA: Tokyo Girls’ Style has gradually become more and more popular over the years. Why do you think your popularity continues to grow?

TGS: Thank you for saying that. We have been working hard together as Tokyo Girls’ Style for 5 years, but all the members are putting extra effort with singing and dancing since we moved to Tokyo this spring. We believe that many of our fans are anticipating our future improvement.
JPA: What makes Tokyo Girls’ Style different from other idol groups?

TGS: What makes Tokyo Girls’ Style is that all 5 members sing their lungs out, perform at the top of their game, every time, giving it all! And we do that because we want to communicate and embody the ‘joy of music’! What’s also unique is the stark contrast between the stylishness of the music that is coupled with the performance and the accessible nature of the MC and stage narrations.
JPA: You have a lot of chances to interact with your fans through hand-shake events. How do you like it?

TGS: Most of our activities are live concert performances. Hand-shake events are the rare and precious opportunities to hear their voices and feedbacks in a personal way, which is always awesome! Being able to get closer to their smile is always the most motivating thing that we can be rewarded with.
JPA: Do you have something you keep in your mind through hand-shake events?

TGS: One thing I always try to be mindful is that we treasure the opportunity to personally and individually have a conversation with a fan in an intimate basis. They bought our CDs and we’re genuinely thankful.


JPA: You guys are a very young group. Do you feel like you’ve been able to have a normal childhood experience like other girls your age, or have you missed out on things?

TGS: What’s difficult is that on weekends we typically have to work. So it’s been a long time wish for us to be able to attend things like school festivals like sports festivals!
JPA: What is something you guys haven’t done yet that you’d like to do in the future?

TGS: Our long-term dream has been to be the beloved girl band group that can inspire a global audience by sharing how awesome Japanese pop music can be. For that, our next milestone is to become a band group of a caliber to be able to a full-blown Asia-wide tour or eventually, a global tour. And to make that an even more achievable reality, we’re working on being able to speak English!
JPA: If you guys weren’t in an idol group, what would you want to do?

TGS: What I would have done today that I not gone down this route to be in a pop girl band is… probably working in pastry shop! Because as you know, we all love sweets! I think we all love sweets enough that, had things not worked out this well, we would have tried to work on this dream of ours while doing that part time anyway! If not working with sweets, probably working with kids, since we all love little kids!
JPA: You guys have been together for years now. How has your relationship with your group mates grown over the years?

TGS: Our intra-group relationship has gotten undeniably stronger over the last few years. What bonded us all particularly strong to each other is that we all lived together in the same place. We lived in the same apartment for 4 years, and we still do! We’ve probably spent more time together than our own family. We’re so bonded to a point where it actually feels strange to be apart from each other at any moment.
JPA: Please give your fans one last message.

TGS: As a last thought to leave you with, we definitely want to tell you how thankful we are for your continued support. And our wish is always to be able to respond well to such a support. Our goal as I mentioned, is to be able to grow into a caliber of a band group that can travel and tour around throughout Asia and the globe. For that, we will continue to work on our craft and hope to be able to see all you fans out there throughout the world! Thanks, and see you soon!
The 2014 J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL will occur on July 19 & 20 in San Francisco. For more information about Tokyo Girls' Style performances, please visit the event's website.
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