Grieva to Release PV DVD in October

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Grieva to Release PV DVD in October
Earlier this year Visual Kei band Grieva announced the release of a new single and a new mini album. These CDs haven't even dropped yet but the band has already announced another release: a PV DVD.

The DVD titled "seishinrennei 18saimiman no kata ha okotowari shimasu -II-" (精神年齢18歳未満ノ方ハオ断リシマス-Ⅱ-) will go on sale the same day as Grieva's first mini album, on October 1st. It will include the following six music videos:

01.boku no jisatsu riron (僕ノ自殺理論)
04.amai unou akai sanou (甘イ右脳、赭イ左脳。)
06.genjitsu wa kokoro ni habikoru zettsuu to kanawanu risou no soukutsu (現実は心に蔓延る絶痛と叶わぬ理想の巣窟)

The price for this DVD is 3240 Yen and it's limited to 444 copies. Are you gonna buy one of Grieva's new releases?
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