[Exclusive] Alice Nine Titillates in Supernova Symphonia in Singapore

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[Exclusive] Alice Nine Titillates in Supernova Symphonia in Singapore
Supernova: a stellar explosion that could briefly outshine an entire galaxy.

Last June 28, jrock fans in Singapore experienced a live akin to such a spectacle as the 5-man band Alice Nine held their much anticipated first one-man in the country. For a solid two hours, The Coliseum at The Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa bore witness to an explosive amalgam of musical intensity, spellbinding stage presence and a throng of eager fans armed with light rings and galaxy lights. But of course, the brightest were the ones on stage. Alice Nine, bedazzled and brimming with energy, more than delivered in their 18 songs strong setlist that featured their classics and tracks from their latest album "Supernova".

Smoke billowing on the darkened stage signaled the start of the live at around 8PM. Tora, Saga, Nao and Hiroto walked to their places and immediately started playing "Prelude-resolution-". As the short instrumental winded down, Shou waltzed in and the band seamlessly transitioned to "SHINING". Alice Nine was clearly in their element and each member exuded distinct personalities onstage.

Barely giving everyone the chance to brace themselves, the band launched into "プラマイ (+-)". The song about self-worth really got the crowd jumping and shouting along. Shou then gripped a towel and this signaled the equally rousing "SEVEN". As the song reached its chorus, the crowd area morphed into a swirling mass of towels.


The intro to "Kiss twice, kiss me deadly" was then heard but instead of singing, Shou spoke "Hello, Singapore! Are you ready? Are you ready? Member Introduction!". After introducing his bandmates, he sang the first verse to "Kiss twice...” a capella and then the whole band played the song from start to finish. In contrast to the earlier songs, they were more mobile on this one. Shou even did a short dance with his back to the audience. He then acted as if taunting Hiroto to which the guitarist responded by planting a kiss on the vocalist's forehead.

As "Kiss twice.." concluded, Shou began his first MC for the night. "Singapore! We have come back! We are Alice Nine". After asking the audience if they have been waiting, Shou shouted "Are you ready, are you ready? Are you fucking ready? Next song is Rainbows". The highly energetic song took the live to a whole new level. There was a lot of grunting, not just from Shou but also from the other members. Saga's bass playing really shone on this song.

After a quick pause, the band segued to "KID" where Hiroto immediately got to display his guitar shredding skills. Everyone's light rings and galaxy lights were all up in the air. As the band hoped, the crowd area had become a glittering dance floor. No one was immune to the song's infectious EDM vibe. But suddenly it was just Nao playing. Everyone started chanting "Hey, hey, hey". The guitars were then heard and the mood shifted into something heavy. The next song was "九龍 (Kowloon Nine Heads Rodeo Show)" and the dancing became frenzied headbanging.


The Coliseum was then shrouded in darkness. Smoke once again billowed in. Only the sound of a ticking clock was heard. It was only when Shou was passionately singing the chorus of "from KURAYAMI" that the stage lights were turned on. Everything worked in unison from the lighting effects, to the band members to the response from the crowd in conveying through the song the pain of longing for someone who might as well be light-years away. There's no mistaking the intensity on the members' faces as they build to "from KURAYAMI's" rousing crescendo, the seemingly haphazard beats mirroring the feeling of confronting pent up emotions.

But pain can eventually give way to hope, Alice Nine assured the audience as they followed up with the optimistic "Daybreak". The venue was bathed in light, brighter than ever, and everyone felt comfort in the song's message of transforming burdens into wings.

There was a long pause after the song as the band re-energized. Hiroto took the time to douse those in front with water then toss the bottle in the midst of the crowd. Shou asked the audience, "Are you ok? Do you want some next song? Next song is Mebius from Supernova!". During "Mebius", Hiroto switched to Tora's place at the left side of the stage - but not before sneaking up to Shou and surprising him with another kiss.


The mood turned somber again as Alice Nine readied to perform the power ballad "shooting star". Shou navigated through the song's vocal nuances with practiced eased and his showmanship was in full effect. Really feeling the song, he sang the last line of "shooting star" a capella then mouthed off "Arigatou".

Another long pause and the audience lapped it up by shouting their favorite member's names. The shouting led to gleeful screams as Shou and Hiroto led the other members to "FANTASY". For this song, Tora did double duty by using electric and acoustic guitars.

The stage lights were once again dimmed. Shou shouted "Come with us, here we go!" and everyone was whisked off to "Blue Planet". It’s amazing to behold how the band could go from being perfectly in sync in their movements to total pandemonium afterwards.

Alice Nine showed no signs of fatigue as they reached the fourteenth track for the night: "Velvet". As soon as the opening rifts were heard, the crowd was on hyper-drive. Heads were banging in tune to Nao's pounding . Saga also contributed to hyping the crowd even more with his second vocals. It was Tora though who stole the show as he licked his guitar.


"百花繚乱 (Hyakka Ryouran)" followed and it saw the members trading places. It was Saga's turn to spend a long time enticing the audience near the right side of the stage. Hiroto joined Tora on the left. Both showed off their guitar skills while they were back to back. As the song swelled, Tora turned his head and kissed his blonde counterpart.

Shou introduced the next song "開戦前夜 (Kaisen zen'ya)". The lights on the audience side got brighter. Days before the live, the band encouraged attendees to "just enjoy and get excited until you are burnt out" to this song. Audience and band didn't disappoint. It was madness on both ends. But then the lights were out and the main setlist was done.

Not a minute later, fans were already screaming "Ankore!". The shouting didn't stop until the band returned. Shou came out holding the banner the Singaporean fans prepared for the live. Hiroto took pictures of the audience using his own phone. Each member then took turns saying their thanks. Nao had everyone in stitches with the English part of his spiel, "My heart, my heart, my heart, cannot take it. Cannot take it!". Tora addressed the audience with "Singapore, I'm back! Thank you for waiting!". Saga mentioned the Singaporean live was number one then asked for more bras! As for Hiroto, his turn to speak easily received the most enthusiastic response from the crowd:

Hiroto: Singapore, tadaima! (we're back)
Audience: Okaeri! (welcome back)
Hiroto: Tadaima?
Audience: Okaeri!
Hiroto: Daisuki! (I like you!) Minna, cute! (Everyone is cute!). (points to a male audience member in front) Cool guy! Minna kakkoi na! (Everyone is good looking!) It's our tenth year! Minna Number Six, kazoku, family! (Everyone who is part of Number Six is family!) We are Alice Nine! We are Alice Nine!
Shou: (joining in) We are...
Audience: Alice Nine!
Shou: We are...
Audience: Alice Nine!


Finally Shou said his thanks followed by "Are you ready, are you ready? Next song is 春夏秋冬(Shunkashuutou)! Sing with me! Make some noise!".

Alice Nine rounded up its Singapore setlist with one of its sublime hits. Soft lights and smoke blanketed the stage to welcome "the beautiful name". The audience sang their hearts out in the chorus to express their gratitude towards the band, not only for this night but also for 10 years of beautiful music.

Guitar picks were thrown. Bottles were tossed. Then the band members exited the stage one by one as "Daybreak - instrumental-" played in the background. Hiroto was the last to leave. He went to the middle and bowed deeply for a long time. He took the mic then shouted: "Singapore! Mata aimashou! See you again. I love you!”.

As the audience screamed in response, one thing was made certain: Alice Nine’s star would be burning bright for a long, long time.


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