DOLL$BOXX to Release New PV DVD in August

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DOLL$BOXX to Release New PV DVD in August
Japanese female rock band DOLL$BOXX announced the release of its new DVD titled "DOLL$ COLLECTION" (ドールズ・コレクション) for 4860 Yen.

The DVD will be released on August 27th and includes the following PVs:
01.Loud Twin Stars 
02.Merrily High Go Round
03.Take My Chance
05.roleplaying life (ロールプレイング・ライフ)
08.omocha no heitai (.おもちゃの兵隊)
09.Doll's Box

Furthermore the DVD features a special movie about the band's lives in Osaka and Nagoya this year and a collection of making videos.

You don't know the band yet? Then visit its website or check out the rocking PV for "take my chance" below:
[ytid=4wizK2lG0r8][yttitle]DOLL$BOXX - take my chance[/yttitle][ytcontent]take my chance by DOLL$BOXXDecember 12, 2012Dolls Apartment[/ytcontent]
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