AvelCain Announced Three Month Consecutive Release Campaign

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AvelCain Announced Three Month Consecutive Release Campaign
Visual Kei band AvelCain announced at its tour final at TSUTAYA O-West yesterday that three new singles will be released this summer/fall.

All singles will come in two different types that are limited to 1000 copies each. The Limited Editions cost 2160 Yen each and come with the printed version of a novel and origami, the Regular Editions cost 1620 Yen each and are CD-only.

The first single is titled "natsu no owari" (夏の終-なつのおわり). Even though the translation of this title is "end of summer" the single will be released in mid-summer, on August 13th.

natsu no owari track list:
01.shigeshou (死化粧)
02.irohanihoheto (いろはにほへと)
03.utsusemi (空蝉)
04.Novel first story (短編小説 第一話[朗読]) (included in regular edition)

The second single is titled "ayakashi no hako" (妖の匣-あやかしのはこ) and will drop on September 24th.

ayakashi no hako track list:
01.fumikirishoujo (踏切少女)
02.nekomata (猫又)
03.kamakiri (蟷螂)
04.Novel second story (短編小説 第二話[朗読]) (included in regular edition)

And last but not least: The third single. The title is "koto no ha" (言の葉-ことのは-) and it will be released on October 22nd.

koto no ha track list:
02.tegami (御手紙)
03.ga (蛾)
04.Novel third story (短編小説 第三話[朗読]) (included in regular edition)

Check out the PV for "ayakashi no hako":

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