[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview with KAMIJO

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[Exclusive] JpopAsia's Interview with KAMIJO
KAMIJO believes that through music one can create a "country" filled with magnificence. On July 4, his fans in Paris will get a peek at this world of enchantment as the regal rocker performs at Le Divan du Monde for his "THRONE, ZEROTH LIVE IN PARIS".

Before that though, KAMIJO took the time to share with JpopAsia his thoughts about fame, music and his inspirations. Read our exchange below also to find out where you just might bump into KAMIJO when he's not onstage hyping up the crowd with "Sautez!"

JPA: How would you introduce KAMIJO to someone who has never heard of you before?

Kamijo: I’m KAMIJO, a French lover Japanese singer.

JPA: And as a follow up, how would you entice that person to appreciate your music?

KAMIJO: Would you mind to get into a story of the music which is dramatic and magnificent like a movie ?

JPA: You once mentioned that answering the phone with “Bonjour” is a habit of yours and that you use it even when it’s night time. Since you are off to France again, are there more French words that you’ve also become fond of using?

KAMIJO: “Sautez!”
(JPA note: "Sautez" translates to "jump")

JPA: You’ve taken on the persona of a blonde vampire in Paris who also happens to be a rock star. That reminds us of the character Lestat from Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. Have you ever read the series? If yes, which one is your favorite?

KAMIJO: Yes I read it. My favorite is Lestat.
(JPA note: "The Vampire Lestat" is the second book in the series, between "Interview with the Vampire" and "Queen of the Damned" which were both made into movies. Lestat was played by Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend, respectively.)

JPA: What is it about Lestat that you identify with?

KAMIJO: Loving music.

JPA: In the books, Lestat has developed a very deep and complex friendship with Louis. If you are Lestat, who would be your Louis?

KAMIJO: I don’t think there’s someone who would be my Louis.

JPA: You also seem to be drawn into the concept of eternity and immortality. Would you consider music as a means of attaining immortality?

KAMIJO: Music is not visible. That’s why it’s immortal.

JPA: Career-wise, you’ve certainly established one that is already enviable. Everyone knows you’ve started out as a roadie and years later, you’ve become one of the most respected artists in the jrock scene. You’ve experienced success as a band member and are currently en route to a stellar career as a solo artist. How do you do it? How does one stay relevant in an industry that is always on the lookout for the next best thing?

KAMIJO: I only did my pursuit of what I love to do. And I have not really got the success yet.

JPA: In another interview, you mentioned that in contrast to the common notion that “music has no borders”, it actually has. Could you elaborate more on this?

KAMIJO: For me the ideal country is the concert venue where the nation who likes the same thing gets together.

JPA: Through your songs, you’ve taken us listeners into a fascinating journey. From the palace of Versailles to Tour du Temple and now surprisingly, the Moulin Rouge. That was quite a leap. How did that came about?

KAMIJO: I just picked up what I love as my theme.

JPA: You’ve adopted a new look for “Moulin Rouge”. What was the inspiration for it this time?

KAMIJO: Visual Shock!! (LoL) I just wanted some stimulation.

[ytid=XsKwDQYzLdY][yttitle]KAMIJO「Moulin Rouge」(6/18発売)トレーラー第2弾映像![/yttitle][ytcontent]KAMIJO(Versailles)2ヶ月連続シングル・リリース決定!第1弾は「ムーラン・ルージュ」!!http://chateau-agency.com/kamijo/[/ytcontent]

JPA: How do “Moulin Rouge” and the succeeding single “Yamiyo no Lion” fit in the grand vampire chronicle that you’ve begun with “Louis – Enketsu no La Vie En Rose”?

KAMIJO: Yes.”Moulin Rouge” is timing the 7th movement of “Symphony of The Vampire”. “Tsuioku no Mon Amours” and “Yamiyo no Lion” and “BASTILLE” are showing the future.

JPA: Symphony of the Vampire is a stunning feat. Will your next album be in the same vein or will you be exploring a new concept?

KAMIJO: As I told you, the timing are not the same but the albums are related to each other.


JPA: On a lighter note, what do you do on your downtime?

KAMIJO: I make a tour of café.

JPA: Would you be squeezing in some sightseeing while you're in France? Which site are you most excited to see?

KAMIJO: Basilique Saint-Denis
(JPA note: Basilique Saint-Denis is a large medieval church located at a Parisian suburb and is known as the burial place of the French kings. At the ending of the Symphony of the Vampire story, the vampire Louis XVII (played by KAMIJO) heads to the basilica, where his parents Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were buried, to prevent the exposure of the fact that the heart stored in the basilica, thought to be belonging to the boy Louis XVII who died long ago, was from a fake.)

JPA: Speaking now on your upcoming live, what can fans expect on July 4?

KAMIJO: You will have a surprise about the set-list.

JPA: Lastly, please give a message to all your fans.

KAMIJO: Thank you so much for your support. I owe my releases and live to all of you. I will keep writing beautiful songs and I promise you the emotion. See you at the concert!

For tickets to THRONE, ZEROTH LIVE IN PARIS, please visit b7klan's website.
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