BoA Bullied When She Was Younger

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BoA Bullied When She Was Younger
BoA's mother, Sung Young Ja, revealed that her daughter was bullied at school when she was younger.

Sung Young Ja was a guest on the TV program "Good Morning" on June 5. On the show, she discussed the difficulties BoA faced when she was younger.

"BoA debuted at a young age and grew out her hair while promoting her solo activities. One day, her senior classmates dragged her by the hair into the bathroom and asked her why she grew out her hair. BoA had a hard time when things like this happened...Fortunately, the love and care around her gave her strength," she said.

Eventually, BoA would drop out of school, though she cited difficulties balancing school and work as the reason for this, not her bullying. In fact, BoA's mother described her as being a gifted student.

"During the 6th grade, BoA placed first in her entire school and was also a scholarship recipient. Although BoA was certainly bright enough to be placed in a class of gifted students, her dreams of becoming a singer conflicted with her studies," BoA's mother said.
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