[Exclusive] Girugamesh Gives Exciting Performance in Germany

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[Exclusive] Girugamesh Gives Exciting Performance in Germany
Girugamesh's last European tour has been held three years ago, at the time of the Tohoku earthquake. In an exclusive interview with JPA vocalist Satoshi states that this year's tour is fulfilled with the feeling of gratitude for all the support their fans gave them and Japan during this hard time. And everyone who attended one of their lives during this tour probably experienced how the band showed its gratitude: with an exciting show full of energy!

One of these shows has been held in Aschaffenburg on May 31st. The moment girugamesh kicked off the live with its song "Break Down" fans in the first rows welcomed the band with paper streamers in the colors of Germany.
It didn't take long for everyone to warm up. The crowd knew the words for the first song as well as the following, newer songs like "Drain" and "VOLTAGE" and sang them as loud as possible.

When Satoshi asked the fans if they were missing them during the past three years loud cheering was answer enough. And after responding "We're so happy to be back!" Satoshi announced the next song: "INCOMPLETE".
The following 11 songs were a perfect mix of shouting, clapping, jumping and headbanging. The for girugamesh rather happy song "ALONE" marked the end of the main part of this live and the band left the stage.

But it took the members only about two minutes to come back on stage where they were greeted by fans singing "happy birthday to you" and throwing confetti and balloons on stage in order to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary. Even though the staff members went on stage to take the balloons away guitarist Nii insisted on playing a short guitar solo with a balloon in his mouth.

After two more songs girugamesh started to play the last song of the night: "Kowareteiku sekai". The song gave the evening an emotional and dramatic ending, intensified by Satoshi's last word he shouted as loud as possible and without microphone: "Arigatou." - "Thank you".

1. Break Down
2. Drain
5. antlion pit
8. volcano
9. suiren
10. Resolution
12. Live is Life
13. Never ending story
14. evolution
EN1. Zecchou BANG!!
EN2. owari to mirai
EN3. kowareteiku sekai

Check out our pics below and more of that live on our facebook page!
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