[Exclusive] JPopAsia's Interview with Girugamesh

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[Exclusive] JPopAsia's Interview with Girugamesh
After three years Japanese rock band Girugamesh decided to return to Europe for another tour visiting 8 countries and 13 different cities. Before kicking off their live in Aschaffenburg, Germany, on May 31st vocalist Satoshi and drummer Ryo sat down with JPA for a small chat about various interesting and funny topics. They didn't only talk about girugamesh's latest releases but also about the revelation that Ryo and guitarist Nii are brothers, their craziest fan gifts and much more!

JPA: Let’s start this interview with talking about your latest CDs! In November you’ve released "MONSTER". What made you choose this title?
Satoshi: After listening to all the songs included on the album we've got the impression that the songs are a compilation of different types of monsters and creatures from music. That’s why we decided for this title.

JPA: Are there any monsters you were afraid of in your childhood?
Satoshi: Gremlins.
Ryo: For me it was… my mother!
Everyone laughs.
Ryo: She’s scary!

JPA: You also released your album “LIVE BEST” two months ago. Can you introduce it to people who haven’t listened to it yet? Is it an album featuring only live versions?
Satoshi: Ah no, it’s not like that. The title is indeed “LIVE BEST” but we re-recorded studio versions of songs that we play at lives often.
Ryo: Maybe it can be mistaken abroad because of the title “LIVE BEST”. That’s why the European version has a different title: “THE BEST”.

JPA: Ah, so that's the reason for the different title! You've included your song “Future” on that “LIVE BEST” album. What kind of song is it and why did you include it now?
Satoshi: It’s a song we’ve already released but only as itunes-version and it hasn’t been featured on any CD. We felt like releasing it on CD and thought that now is a good time for it. That’s why we included it on "LIVE BEST".

JPA: Satoshi, you've formed another band named “REDMAN”. Do your activities as part of REDMAN influence girugamesh in any way?
Satoshi: The bands are quite different, for example the lyrics. I’m trying out different things regarding music and performances and all that has a good influence on my work with girugamesh.

JPA: Is there anything particular you want to do as part of REDMAN?
Satoshi: Hm... I think... I want to sing Anime songs.

JPA: And how about the other members? Are there any plans for side-projects?
Ryo: I didn’t really think about it but when it comes to music and recordings I really like engineering and I want to improve regarding that. I don’t think the other members have thought about it yet.

JPA: There are a lot of other Visual Kei bands and Jrock bands that come and go but girugamesh is around for 10 years now. What’s the difference between you and other bands? What’s your secret for staying together for such a long time?
Ryo laughing: Maybe that we’re all from the same place!
Satoshi: Maybe that’s it!
Ryo: Do you know that guitarist Nii and I are brothers?
JPA: I've read about it, yes.
Ryo: And bassist Shuu is our childhood friend. We were together in elementary and middle school. In high school we met our vocalist. So we were always together and are on the same wavelength. That’s probably the reason.

JPA: So, of course the other members knew about you being brothers right from the beginning…
Satoshi & Ryo laughing: Of course!
JPA: How about your friends from other bands?
Ryo: They know it, yes.
JPA: How did your fans react to this?
Ryo: We’re making music for already 10 years now. Our Core-fans already knew it, so it was probably half-half. Half of our fans knew about it, the other half didn’t. When we revealed on twitter that we’re brothers they were like: “EEEH?!?” Probably because we don’t look alike.

JPA: Who was the first of you both who wanted to be in a band?
Ryo: It was me. Because of my influence my brother started playing the guitar.

JPA: Let’s talk about another topic: What was the craziest fan gift you’ve ever received?
Satoshi: “crazy” in what kind of way?
JPA: Something that has really surprised you. Something that made you go: “Eeeh?! Really?!”
Satoshi laughing: A book with sexy pictures of a fan!
Ryo: You just received that yesterday!!
Satoshi starts posing in a sexy way making everyone laugh.
JPA: But... from a girl, yes?
Satoshi: From a girl, yes! Of course! Not from a man! If it was from a man...
Ryo: It would’ve been a bit…
Satoshi: … shocking!
Ryo: My craziest gift was Marihuana!
JPA: From a Japanese or an oversea fan?
Ryo: From a Japanese fan. Hm… And things that made me feel a pang of conscience… Crazy things were a PS3, accessory and other expensive things.

JPA: Speaking of this tour, were there any problematic or funny things that happened?
Ryo: Until now nothing serious happened. It feels like everything is too peaceful until now. But we’re in the middle of the tour now and everything has been smooth so far but maybe something big will happen during the second half.

JPA: You have been in Europe for several times now. Do you even remember the first time you were here?
Ryo: Of course!

JPA: Is there anything different now compared to the first time?
Ryo: I’m getting used to being here.
Satoshi: The food is different and…
Ryo: And the way you use toilets!
Satoshi: They are so high! All these things… first we were confused but now we’re used to it.

JPA: We're almost at the end of the interview, so please tell us what your plans for 2014 are!
Satoshi: After the end of this European tour we will record songs for a new album and then go on a long Japan tour.

JPA: And in the end, please give a message to our readers!
Satoshi: Three years ago, when the earthquake happened, we were on European tour and everyone in Europe helped so much with donations. On this tour we want to show how thankful we are. We’re happy when we see you enjoying the live and having fun!

JPA: Thank you for this interview!


As you've just read Satoshi revealed to our readers that girugamesh is working on a new album that is scheduled to be released this fall! Of course we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as there's more information regarding this.

After the interview the band got ready to heat up the crowd that was already waiting in front of the live house. Check out our live report and pictures of the live!
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