AKB48 & Sister Groups Beef Up Security Following Attack

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AKB48 & Sister Groups Beef Up Security Following Attack
After being attacked by a saw-wielding man, AKB48 and its sister groups are stepping up security to prevent another tragedy from happening.

Police requested that AKS, the management behind AKB48 and sister groups, suspend activities and elevate security after being targeted for an attack. In response, AKB48 theater has been shut down until May 31.

SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 theaters have remained open. Metal detectors were installed in the entrances to ensure weapons were not being brought into the theaters. The audience was required to remove all accessories to be checked before entering.

With fears still heightened, the front row seats at the open theaters were left vacant, keeping a safer distance between the audience and the group on stage.

It is uncertain what security measures AKS will implement for AKB48; however, it is expected that many of the same measures will be taken to keep its most popular group safe.

AKB48 was terrorized during a handshake event when Umeta Satoru pulled a saw out of his jacket and began slashing at the group. Anna Iriyama and Kawaei Rina were both injured before a male staff member jumped in the way to defend them, suffering his own injures in the process.

The 3 victims of the attack were taken to the hospital and given emergency medical treatment. All 3 successfully completed surgery and have been discharged from the hospital.

Umeta Satoru has been charged with attempted murder, confessing to police that he intended to kill people.
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