AKB48's Attacker Confesses To Attempted Murder

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AKB48's Attacker Confesses To Attempted Murder
The man who attacked AKB48 members with a hand saw, Umeta Satoru, has admitted to attempted murder after being arrested by police for his crimes.

The victims of the crime, AKB48's Anna Iriyama, Kawaei Rina and a staff member, have all successfully completed surgery after becoming victims in a terrifying attack.

Rina suffered from a bone fracture in her right thumb, as well as a laceration. Iriyama fractured her right pinky and suffered a laceration to the head. The staff member suffered cuts to his left hand.

Surgery began at 9 pm local time and lasted 3 hours for the 3 victims. There were no complications with the surgeries.

Satoru's mother apologized for his actions in an address to the media. He was described by her as not really being a fan, with no CDs or event tickets being in his possession.

"It's so sad and agonizing. I can't understand why sad things like this ever happen," fellow group mate Yukari Sasaki stated.
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