ViViD and Mejibray won't Perform due to Injures of Their Drummers

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ViViD and Mejibray won't Perform due to Injures of Their Drummers
Visual Kei bands ViViD and Mejibray have to deal with some problems due to injuries of their drummers.

Mejibray decided to postpone its lives in Hiroshima on May 23rd, Fukuoka on 25th, Umeda on 30th and Nagoya on June 1st due to an accident of drummer Meto on May 23rd. After the accident he was brought to a hospital in Hiroshima suffering from bone fracture. More details on the lives and to which date they will be postponed will appear on the band's website as soon as they know more.

Also ViViD won't be able to perform this month. Drummer Ko-ki has injured his wrist during rehearsal and isn't allowed to perform for the next two weeks. He explained that during rehearsal he suddenly felt heavy pain in his wrist which made him go to the hospital. He is very sorry for the circumstances he caused. The band cancelled its performances in Fukuoka on May 23rd, in Osaka on May 27th, in Nagoya on June 2nd and in Sapporo on June 5th.

We wish them both a quick recovery!
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