9mm Parabellum Bullet Unveil Details of Special Edition CD

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9mm Parabellum Bullet Unveil Details of Special Edition CD
9mm Parabellum Bullet will be releasing a greatest hits album on the 9th of July as part of their 10th anniversary celebration project. The band has finally revealed the 20-song tracklist for "Selected Bullet Marks" - a bonus live CD that comes with Greatest Hits' Special Edition CD.

If you're on a tight budget and would still love to own a copy of "Greatest Hits", check out the limited release "9mm Price" edition for only 1999yen! The "9mm Price" edition is set to include and obi featuring a logo sticker and also a flyer. Do note that "9mm Price" edition will only be made available until the 19th of August.

Greatest Hits ~Special Edition~
2CD: TYCT-69027/8 / 3,780yen
Greatest Hits ~9mm Price Edition~
Available only until 2014/08/19
1CD: TYCT-69029 / 1,999yen
2014.07.09 RELEASE!

Disc 1: Greatest Hits
1. The World
2. Discommunication
3. Supernova
4. Wanderland
5. Black Market Blues
6. Cold Edge
7. Inochi no Zenmai
8. Atarashii Hikari
9. Kamome (Strings Version)
10. Haato Ni Hi O Tsukete
11. Answer And Answer

Disc 2: Selected Bullet Marks LIVE CD
* Only available with Special Edition

01. (teenage)Disaster (2007.02.25 "Kikai no Idenshi" at Shibuya O-nest)
02. Beautiful Target (2007.09.09 "Kaosu no Momotose vol.4" at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO)
03. Caucasus (2007.11.28 "Garasu Goshi no Bousou" at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM)
04. Heat-Island (2008.02.08 "Termination Tour 07/08" at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO)
05. sector (2008.06.06 "Mujuuryoku no Cube" at SHIBUYA-AX)
06. Living Dying Message (2008.10.18 "Akatsuki no Yaon" at Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall)
07. Vampiregirl (2009.01.29 "VAMPIRE EMPIRE TOUR 08/09" at Kyoto Taku Taku)
08. Talking Machine (2009.09.09 "999-At Budokan- " at Nippon Budokan)
09. Candle no Akari o (2010.06.24 "Revolutionary Tour 2010" at Tokyo NHK Hall)
10. Lovecall From The World (2010.09.09 "Kaosu no Momotose vol.7" at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST)
11. Termination (2011.06.26 "Movement YOKOHAMA" at Yokohama Arena)
12. Scenes (2011.09.09 "Movement Moment Tour 2011" at Zepp Fukuoka)
13. Mr.Suicide (2012.09.09 "Kaosu no Momotose vol.8 Hiru no Bu -Josei Gentei Live]-" at Shimokitazawa GARDEN)
14. The Revolutionary (2012.09.09 "Kaosu no Momotose vol.8 Hiru no Bu -Josei Gentei Live-" at Shimokitazawa GARDEN)
15. Punishment (2013.03.09 "39 -Thank You- LIVE" at Shinjuku Furin Kaikan)
16. Hikari no Amegafuru Yoru ni (2013.04.17 "Sakura Zensen Butta Kiri 2013" at Zepp Namba)
17. Scream For The Future (2013.09.09 "Kaosu no Momotose vol.9" at Yokohama BLITZ)
18. Atarashii Hikari (2013.11.01 "Breaking The Dawn Tour 2013" at Zepp Sapporo)
19. Answer And Answer (2014.02.07 "10th Anniversary Live 'O'" at Nippon Budokan)
20. Kuroi Mori no Tabibito (2014.02.08 "10th Anniversary Live 'E'" at Nippon Budokan)
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