Yui's Band FLOWER FLOWER Announces Digital Single "Kamisama"

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Yui's Band FLOWER FLOWER Announces Digital Single
Yui's band FLOWER FLOWER will be releasing a new digital single, titled "Kamisama", on May 21.

The upcoming single is an older song that the band has played during live performances. Because of the band's lack of activities, it was decided that a recording of the song would be released.

"I used to only play an acoustic guitar, but I've been playing the electric guitar a lot lately. Kamisama was one of the first songs I played on the electric guitar, so its important to me. I hope the song lifts your spirits when you listen to it," Yui wrote on the band's blog.

Yui, and by association FLOWER FLOWER, has been on hiatus since March when she had a panic attack. The singer has been receiving medical treatment for her panic attacks. She plans on resuming activities little by little.
Source: jpopasia.com
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