UVERworld to Release New Single in June

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UVERworld to Release New Single in June
UVERworld has just announced that they'll be releasing a new single titled "Nanokame no Ketsui" in June. This single will be the band's 26th single release and the cover jacket of both editions have already been released to the public.

The single will include a total of 4 tracks. The last track features vocalist, TAKUYA∞'s voice memo on the track.

Check out the details of the release below!

Nanokame no Ketsui
2014.06.18 RELEASE!

Limited Edition (CD+DVD):
SRCL-8449~8450 / 1,620yen
Standard Edition (CD):
SRCL-8451 / 1,300yen


1. Nanokame no Ketsui
2. Bessekai
3. Nanokame no Ketsui (Instrumental)
4. Nanokame no Ketsui (2013.11.09 Voice Memo)

DVD (Comes with limited edition single)
1. Nanokame no Ketsui Live at Nippon Budokan Queen's Party 2013.12.25
2. LIMITLESS ~Live collaged ver.~
3. UVERworld core ability 3 Annoucement Video
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