MAXIMUM the HORMONE's Nao Kawakita Reassures Fans It's Purely Friendship between Her and Ikuta Toma

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MAXIMUM the HORMONE's Nao Kawakita Reassures Fans It's Purely Friendship between Her and Ikuta Toma
Known for their outrageous and exaggerated reporting, Japanese gossip magazine FRIDAY has caused quite a commotion in Johnny's fandom last weekend. This time, the magazine targeted Johnny's actor Ikuta Toma and MAXIMUM THE HORMONE's drummer Nao Kawakita.

FRIDAY spotted them at midnight after having a meal together near Nakameguro Station. After leaving the restaurant, the two were reportedly holding hands as they crossed the street. Photos and an article complete with an interview with Nao Kawakita were posted on FRIDAY's official website.

In the interview, Nao Kawakita confirmed that they indeed had dinner together and they were drunk, which explains the holding hands. She also commented that her husband knows her whereabouts and that occasionally, he joins them for dinner too.

What concerned fans the most was that Nao Kawakita is actually married and is also a mother to a girl. Ikuta Toma is known as an avid fan of MAXIMUM THE HORMONE to everyone and is constantly spotted in their lives.

However, fans can be rest assured that nothing happened and that there's only friendship between the two of them. Nao Kawakita posted on her official blog that the two had only met because Ikuta Toma wanted to pass her a souvenir - Suntory's plum wine from his recent CM. The pair were supposed to meet up with other musicians (KJ from Dragon Ash) that night but end up getting cancelled on. She apologized for the misunderstanding and also further joked that she hope fans doesn't stab anyone.

The charismatic female drummer then ended her blog post with a sincere apology to Ikuta Toma, stating that she is sorry to have caused him trouble. Nao also mentions that he should continue to hang out with them at their lives and stay as good friends.
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