Ensoku Announces New Single for September

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Ensoku Announces New Single for September
Visual Kei band ensoku announced at its live in Nakano last weekend that a new single will drop in September.

The release date is set for September 17th and the title of this new single is "tadashii sekai no owarikata." (正しい世界の終わり方。). Right now there's no information on the track list but we already came to know that the price for the CD is 1500 Yen.

To commemorate the release ensoku will go on one man tour titled "akudou wo susume!~parade wa shuuen ni mukete~" that stats on September 19th and ends with the band's tour final at Tokyo Kinema Club on October 11th.

Furthermore, they have announced the release of a live-limited single that lies almost one year ahead! On April 4th 2015 they will release "kuruisaku haru no hajimekata" (狂い咲く春のはじめ方) at their one man live at Akasaka BLITZ.
It seems like the single released in September and the one released in April are connected to each other. The title "tadashii sekai no owarikata." can be translated as "the way this right world ends." and "kuruisaku haru no hajimekata" as "the way the wild-blooming spring starts".
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