YOSHIKI Delivers Special Message in hide's 17th Death Anniversary Event

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YOSHIKI Delivers Special Message in hide's 17th Death Anniversary Event
On the 3rd of May, "hide FILM ALIVE ~hide Memorial Day 2014" was held at CLUB CITTA, Tokyo, in commemoration of hide's 17th death anniversary. hide is known to many as the famed guitarist from X JAPAN and a solo artist as well.

hide's popularity never declined despite his passing back in 1998. Thousands of tweets spawned on the day of his death anniversary (2nd of May) and the special memorial film event saw more than 2000 fans attending altogether.

The special film followed closely on how a young Matsumoto Hide (hide) encountered rock music and also included a specific timeline of how hide the artist was born. The screening also showed plenty of videos from the past with Spread Beaver and never before seen footage from "hide 1st solo tour '94".


After the special live screening, the fans were treated to a surprise video comment from YOSHIKI.

Thank you for coming here today for hide. I'm currently on my "Yoshiki Classical WORLD TOUR", but I can always feel his presence with me around the world. X JAPAN have just decided on a performance in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, NYC on the 11th of October this year. This reminded me of the press conference held in Rockefeller Center, NY 10 years ago.

X will perform with the feeling of 7 members, and of course hide is included as well. I've been feeling a rush of emotions thinking that this year will be hide's 50th birth anniversary.

I hope, that hide as a solo artist and us as X JAPAN will continue to stay active from now. Please continue to support hide in the future.

With that, the event ended with the screen showing the words "coming soon". And we wonder, what's next in store for us from X JAPAN and hide?

With the 20th anniversary of X JAPAN and hide's 50th anniversary ROCKET DIVE 2013-14 project in tow, we're sure that there's more to expect from them.
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