LEZARD to Release "beroberobar"

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LEZARD to Release
Visual Kei band LEZARD announced that a new single titled "beroberobar" (べろべろば~) will hit the stores on June 4th.

The single comes in three different types. "berobero-ban" Type A costs 1620 Yen and comes with a DVD, "berobero-ban" Type B that costs 1296 Yen and the live-limited version "kurukuru-ban" that costs 1080 Yen are CD-only. Check out the track list:

berobero-ban Type A

01. beroberobar (べろべろば~)
02. muka chakka fire (ムカ着火ファイヤー)
live scene of LEZARDS's 4th Oneman on December 20th 2013 at TSUTAYA O-WEST
01. kokoro no connect (ココロノコネクト)
02. yandelation (ヤンデレーション)
03. Gekioko sympathy (Gekiokoシンパシー)
04. love+MUSIC (ラブ+MUSIC)
05. if
06. band-gal crusher (バンギャクラッシャー)
07. kizunauta (絆唄)
08. MC

berobero-ban Type B
01. beroberobar (べろべろば~)
02. kimi no iru machi (キミノイルマチ)

01. beroberobar (べろべろば~)
02. sekai no housoku (セカイノ法則)

The second half of the year is always exciting for the band and fans because all bandmembers were born during that time. This year they will celebrate their birthdays at Ikebukuro EGDE in Tokyo at the following dates: August 9th (Kousuke's birthday), October 14th (TACC's birthday), November 5th (natsume's birthday) and November 19th (lime's birthday).
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