9mm Parabellum Bullet Launches 10th Anniversary Website

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9mm Parabellum Bullet Launches 10th Anniversary Website
9mm Parabellum Bullet launched their 10th Anniversary Website and announced additional details for "act O" and "act E" DVD.

Available on the website are also the trailers for "act O" and "act E" DVD, and short version performances of ハートに火をつけて (Haato ni hi o tsukete) and Black Market Blues from the releases.

Both the releases will be available for sale on the 7th of May (Wednesday).


6th LIVE DVD "act O"
2014.5.7 RELEASE

UPBH-20119 / ¥5,000 (tax in)
From the 2014.2.7 10th Anniversary Live「O」 @ Nippon Budokan

01. Psychopolis
02. Answer And Answer
03. Heat-Island
04. 荒地 (Arechi)
05. シベリアンバード ~涙の渡り鳥~ (Siberian Bird ~Namida no Wataridori~)
06. Trigger
07. Caucasus
08. Starlight
09. オマツリサワギニ (Omatsuri Sawagini)
10. Wanderland
11. Supernova
12. Sundome
13. Scream For The Future
14. どうにもとまらない (Dou ni mo Tomaranai)
15. 光の雨が降る夜に (Hikari no Ame ga Furu Yoru ni)
16. Caution!!
17. 銀世界 (Ginsekai)
18. コスモス (Cosmos)
19. キャンドルの灯を (Kyandoru no akari o)
20. カモメ (Kamome)
21. The Lightning
22. 新しい光 (Atarashii hikari)
23. Beautiful Target
24. Black Market Blues
25. The Silence
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7th LIVE DVD "act E"
2014.5.7 RELEASE

UPBH-20119 / ¥5,000 (tax in)
From the 2014.2.8 10th Anniversary Live「E」 @ Nippon Budokan

01. Discommunication
02. Survive
03. Grasshopper
04. Vampiregirl
05. Cold Edge
06. Sleepwalk
07. Scarlet Shoes
08. 3031
09. EQ
10. ラストラウンド (Last Round)
11. エレヴェーターに乗って (Elevator ni notte)
12. Bone To Love You
13. Wild West Mustang
14. We are Innocent
15. Termination
16. Finder
17. Monday
18. Keyword
19. 命ノゼンマイ (Inochi no Zenmai)
20. 黒い森の旅人 (Kuroi mori no tabibito)
21. ハートに火をつけて (Haato ni hi o tsukete)
22. Zero Gravity
23. marvelous
24. Talking Machine
25. Punishment
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A box set including both "act O" and "act E" will also be released on the same date in two formats - Blu-ray and DVD. This limited edition box set will include a staff pass of the live, a bonus DVD and a special photobook.


10th Anniversary Special Edition (Limited) Blu-ray/DVD
"act O+E"
2014.5.7 RELEASE

DVD: 3DVD / UPBH-29049 / ¥10,000 (tax out)
Blu-ray: 2Blu-ray+1DVD / UPXH-29009 / ¥12,000 (tax out)
Both formats include special staff pass, bonus DVD and special photobook

Will you be getting any of the releases? Check out the trailer below!

[ytid=55YiyZlWk0o][yttitle]9mm Parabellum Bullet 「act O」「act E」トレーラー[/yttitle][ytcontent]バンド結成10周年を迎え、2月に10th Anniversary Liveと銘打って開催された日本武道館2DAYSの模様を収めた、2014.5.7リリースのDVD & Blu-...[/ytcontent]
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