ex-NEGA's SAN Forms New Band "the:Ø"

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ex-NEGA's SAN Forms New Band
Only a few months ago we reported on ex-NEGA's vocalist JIN who announced the formation of his new band "THE BLACK SWAN". Now we have more great news for you: Also ex-NEGA's guitarist SAN just formed his new band "the:Ø".

Since the end of last year SAN performed together with some other Visual Kei artists and named this continual session band "jikkentai NEMESIS". At their lives they covered songs, for example by girugamesh and the GazettE, but also played original songs. At their live today they announced that session band "jikkentai NEMESIS" will turn into a new formal band under the name "the:Ø". Even though there are no more information on releases and live performances the band revealed that it will commence activities this summer.

the:Ø's website doesn't give a lot of information but at least we know who the members are:
Vocal: -saica- (ex-Ridiot, Reeper)
Guitar: SAN (ex-FESTER, 「13」, NEGA)
Guitar: -hiroya-
Bass: -nagi- (ex-lumica., regalia)
Drums: -aru- (ex-LAGING, Vior gloire)

What do you think of the line-up? And what do you expect from them?
Source: jpopasia.com
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